Lord of the Flies

How it should have ended.

Here's how I think that the book should have ended:

The day after Piggy's death and Ralph is chased all over the island, he evades all the other savages with ease.

The other boys run way to the other end of the island, so it would be some time before they found him.

Ralph encounters the Navy officer and tells him that it's only him on the island. There's no one else except him. There were two more, but they died.

Ralph is put aboard the boat. The boat sails off towards the silver cruiser

The savages are abandoned on the island and we are left wondering their fates.

Is that how it should have ended?

Would it be realistic enough?

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What about Samneric? They have been loyal to Ralph. Wouldn't he want to save them too? And the littluns who are wandering loose on the island would also be left behind. Ralph seems like the type of man who would want to help them, even after all he has been through on the island.

Wouldn't the other boys see the boat and come running before Ralph gets away? Remember, the navy man comes in a small boat, and the cruiser is waiting out in deep water. The boys would see it, wouldn't they?

The boys were way on the other end of the island, like I said. They probably wouldn't have seen the boat until the smaller boat with Ralph on it was at the cruiser.

Ralph would probably be in a hysterical state and most likely would have forgotten about Samneric or any of the littluns.

Or maybe he wouldn't have cared about them, since they betrayed him, whether forced to or not.

This might be somewhat realistic, but it would not send the message that William Golding intended. The boys are rescued from their beastly ways, only to be taken to a nice, clean, modern ship where the men are engaged in the same kind of warfare that was happening on the island. If the island is our world . . . who will rescue us from our own beastly ways?

Why should only the "good" boy be taken off the island? Ralph has a Beast just like the rest of the boys. If the boys are going to be left to kill each other, Ralph should be among them.

I agree with Charles S that Ralph would want to save some (if not all) of the other boys. If he were as hysterical as you say, Jacob, he would not be able to concoct the lie about being alone on the island.

Okay, edit the endingg.

Samneric weren't forced into the tribe. They got away with Ralph.

Since Ralph is very hysterical, the twins make up the lie to the Navy officer.

Do you think the Navy officer might buy their story? I would say so.

If Samneric got away with Ralph, they would make a better army to fight Jack and Roger and the other boys. Then the big fire probably would not happen, so the ship would not notice the island and come to rescue the boys. I still say it doesn't wash.

Why are you so obsessed with changing the ending?

When you say the savages are left wondering their fate, you are forgetting that the island is on fire. The remaining boys would not last long. Some would die in the fire, some would die of injuries sustained in the battle, and the rest would soon starve. A few would kill each other as their Beast takes over. Then the nasty society that Golding presents would be effectively exterminated . . . and that's not his point at all. His point is that the nasty little society is not confined to a remote island--it is our world. The boys simply recreate a microcosm of the society they left: Beastly, warring, savage human beings barely held together by a society in constant conflict with our Beast. Yes, the boys are rescued; who will rescue us from our own Beastliness?

I was just wondering.

Then again, since the island was aflame, the officer might not believe the boys andd may want to scour the entire island for survivors.

But that's just my theory. I just think that those savages deserved to be left on the island to die.

"I just think that those savages deserved to be left on the island to die."

Even the littluns? They are so innocent and so forgotten.

Golding's island = our world. The "savages" = our people. Are you saying that humans all should be left here to kill each other off? I think his point is that we NEED "civilization" to keep our Beast at bay. We don't like rules and consequences, but without them, the Beast will take over.

Consider Jack, who is regarded by some as the most Beastly on the island. As a man, he is bad. But as a leader, he is more effective than the "good" Ralph. Why? Because he makes rules and imposes consequences. The boys do what he tells them because if they don't, he will beat them. He gets more cooperation (albeit unwilling) than Ralph does because Ralph just wants the boys to be good for goodness' sake. Unfortunately for Ralph, people don't work that way. They need consequences. Your idea of consequences is to leave them to die. Such a world obviously does not survive. Neither will ours if we let the Beast take over.

Or maybe Ralph could only save Samneric and a few littluns, then say there's no one else there.

I just want to see Jack and his most faithful followers be left behind, never to see their families again.

Jack and his followers are good boys at the beginning of the novel. Yes, they turn bad when there is no adult authority. But so will ALL the boys if they are not rescued.

A lot of the boys never will see their families again because many people were killed in the war. Jack is probably ruined for life, but he doesn't deserve to be abandoned.

 I think this book would have ended when thry all return back to there home.

i think it should have ended when they all return back to their houses,and nobody dies

Agreed Walter. Agreed.

Piggy doesn't deserve death.

He was the nicest guy ever.

But Jack was the meanest bitch.

Why didn't he die?

Here's what I think is the reason.

Jack is violent. He kills like 3 ppl.

But because of Jack's 'savageness',

Many managed to survive.

But without Ralph, Jack wouldn't be able to control himself and will destroy everything, including himself and the island.

So Ralph and Jack are extremely important.

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