Lord of the Flies

how is ralphs regime different from jacks? essay type

how they behaved with the boys...

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This is a loaded question. One can examine this book as a political allegory. Ralph tries to set up a democracy of sorts. Ralph is elected chief (elected being the operative word here) and tries to institute some sort of organization for the good of the whole tribe. Things like a signal fire, shelters, and latrines.... are part of his mandate. Even Littluns get a say through the use of the conch. They even have kind of a parliamentary debate on major issues. Jack holds more of an autocratic dictatorship. Jack is not interested in elections. His mandate is hunting and "fun" on his terms. Rules are decided by Jack as he sees fit and punishment is violent. By the end of the novel Jack has made himself into a King or demi-god; the boys are quite subservient. It's really quite frightening.