Lord of the Flies

How does Jack use the beast to control the other boys? ch-4

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The younger children are frightened that the beast hunts them after nightfall; it gives them nightmares. jack on the other hand is trying to figure out why he hasn't been successful hunting. When they kill the pig, the hunters are camouflaged; their faces painted, their demeanor fierce. Killing the pig is the ultimate success, and the hunters return in victory. However, their success is short lived when Ralph takes them to task for allowing the fire to go out and possibly have kept them from being seen by a passing ship.

Jack uses the beast to control the others just by making them eay it. He orders everyone to eat, and guarantees himself another victory the moment they do. If the others have eaten the pig thay can't blame him for allowing the signal fire to go out..... that they eat is seen as a sign of approval for his actions.


Lord of the Flies/ Chapter 4

I think that Jack could not impose his willness enough on the boys, because Ralph control them in logical way, Jack could not do anything exept hunting, and they blame him because he let the signal fire go out when he was hunting, so by the children's fear from the beast, he can hunt and make them eat so no one can blame him, on the other hand, his desire of power its an important point too, because with that he can control the boys because he "as he say" he will hunt the beast and kill it, he doesn't afraid but Ralph is.. so he used this point and actually, he succeed.


from the novel Lord of the Flies