Lord of the Flies

How does Jack handle those who disobey his wishes and why?

In ch 10 lotf

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He wants to be totally in control of the boys who are a part of his pack and he is willing to be completely savage to control them. He operates as a tyrant who will beat them for the smallest infraction, and must be master of their universe. It is the only way he believes that he can maintain order in his group which operates against Ralph's rules which might actually help them be rescued.

The motif of punishment, specifically inflicted by Jack, is revisited in chapter 10. By this chapter, Jack needs no reason to punish boys other than to assert his own authority.

'I don't know. He didn't say. He got angry and made us tie Wilfred up.'…. 'He's [Wilfred's] been' - he [Robert] giggled excitedly - 'he's been tied for hours, waiting-' 196

Chapter ten reflects the evolution of Jack's rule over others. It is important to note that Jack does not inflict any physical punishment himself. Jack’s talents for manipulating other boys make his enforcement of “justice” possible. It is not Jack but the sadistic Roger that Jack will use in the coming chapter to make Samneric (Sam and Eric) pay for not joining his tribe,

“What d’you mean by it, eh?” said the chief fiercely. “What d’you mean by coming with spears? What d’you mean by not joining my tribe?... Roger advanced upon them as one wielding a nameless authority. 224