Lord of the Flies

Help with essay of change in boys beahavior

Hey. I need help with this essay that is due soon. I need to explain how either simon, jack, piggy or ralph change drastically within 3 stages throughout the novel like how jack changes from an innocent boy to a hunter and finally a complete savage. If there are any good quotes and pages or big events that you can find about how jack changes from a good boy to an evil savage please post it. Thanks

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Jack is far and away the easiest character to trace this change in, as you correctly point out. I would suggest using the gradesaver summaries to locate where in the text his major changes occur.

Ralph is a little harder to pinpoint actual changes, but really he can be viewed as the opposite of Jack. As Jack becomes more powerful, Ralph becomes less powerful and falls into the follower role.

Piggy on the other hand remains independent throughout, and I would argue actually undergoes no change. He is the preeminent example of a fully mature person from the very beginning, and thus he ultimately is killed when the rest change into savages.

Simon is far easier, as he begins as part of the group, helping Ralph. He then morphs into a loner, walking around the jungle and isolating himself. His descent into insanity continues with the pig's head that he thinks is talking to him.

Simon is NOT insane. He is epileptic, an affliction often associated with some psychic sense. He is the only boy who truly understands the Beast in all of us. It is Simon who has the courage to climb the mountain and find out that what they thought was a beast was just the dead pilot, "harmless and horrible." When he tries to go and tell the boys the truth, they turn on him and kill him--and with him the truth dies. The Beast does not want the truth to be known. It tells Simon that "We are going to do you. See?" The Beast kills off knowledge of itself as a part of all of us, and thus perpetuates itself.

Simon begins as a weak boy, but emerges as the strongest. He is a loner, but he does try to tell the truth and save the rest of the boys from themselves.

Why boys behaviour change in lord of the flies novel