Lord of the Flies


Please help me by answering these questions

( Chap. 11)At the beginning of the novel, the conch was important to Piggy because it was the only way people would respect and listen to him. This chapter shows how to the conch has grown even more important to Piggy. Find quotes that express teh conch's importance to Piggy and explain waht it means to him.

( Chapt 11)How does Jack react to what Roger does at the end of this chapter? Explain how this reaction reveals Jack's corrupt soul and immaturity.

( chapter 50Why does Simon say, "Maybe there is a beast"? What does he think the beast is? Explain why he thinks this. Wha tdo you think Simon is tryign to get at when he says, "What's the diritest thing there is"?

(chapter 9)What isi the symbolism behind the "beast drifting off to sea? Remember waht kind of Sign the "beast" was

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Fiond the answers in the text.

you should be doing your own work instead of getting other people to, stupid!