Lord of the Flies


The essay title is; The ending of Lord of the Flies is completely negative; it shows there is no hope for humanity ‘

-What method does Golding use to show this?

I don't know what to do, somehow i need to get at least a B

do you have any quotes, information that could help ?

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As for the negative aspect you need to consider that the boys would have eventually all died if it wasn't for the sailor. With the island burnt to a crisp, their food would be gone and their water would be contaminated. Although they get rescued, there really is no redemption for the boys. Golding’s "Christ Figure" (Simon) was savagely slaughtered and Piggy is dead. Golding's social experiment is over. The boys have failed. Human nature is damned and "Ralph wept for the end of innocence, the darkness of man's heart, and the fall through the air of the true, wise friend called Piggy."