Lord of the Flies

Evaluation of the six hunts.

Evaluate each hunt according to what negative changes occurred during or following it. Write a brief explanation for each.

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Chp 1: Simon, Jack, and Ralph find

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what are the six hunts in lord of the flies?


The six hunts

Hunt 1 ~ Ch. 1: Simon, Jack and Ralph find a piglet tangled in the creepers. (p.31)

Hunt 2 ~ Ch. 3: Jack tracks a pig through the forest, but it gets away. (p. 48-49)

Hunt 3 ~ Ch. 4: Jack and his hunters kill their first pig. (p.68-75)

Hunt 4 ~ Ch. 8: A mother pig (sow) is brutally slaughtered. (p.134-137)

Hunt 5 ~ Ch. 9: “The beast” is killed on the beach. (p.151-154)

Hunt 6 ~ Ch. 12: Ralph becomes the prey of the hunters. (p.183-202)