Lord of the Flies

difference between movie and book

i need help. who knows what the differences are between "The Lord of the Flies" book and "The Lord of the Flies" movie?

i have to make a 5-paragraph essay that is at least 1 1/2 to 2 pages long.

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If you read the book and saw the movie, you should have noticed the differences.

Simon is dark in the book and fair in the film.

Book--a ship passes. Film--it's a plane.

The officer at the end does not speak.

Other than these minor differences (not enough for an essay, even), this film follows the novel more closely than any other I have seen.

Of course, I am referring to the black and white film. The later one, in color, is so divergent from Golding's writing that it can hardly be called "based on the novel." It's set in America, and an adult is present. He dies, and the body replaces the fallen pilot's from the film. Stupid--destroys Golding's whole point.

Book--a ship passes. Film--it's a plane.

In the movie it was a helicopter that passed.

The boy with the mulberry-colored birthmark is not in the film. The first big fire that destroys the trees on one side of the mountain does not occur. The film includes a scene of Piggy telling the littluns a story while the other boys are looking for the Beast.

ralph didint get hit by a spear in the movie 

piggy is not really fat in the movie

there wasnt any thunder in the movie


- the conch does not break in the movie

- the dead body does not end up on the beach


The lord of the flies book and movie 1963