Lord of the Flies

Define "theme" in relation to works of literature.Read the authors description of the theme of Lord of the Flies on pg 204. Discuss how his description relates to the characters and events in the story.

This is my last question and i have to have this project finished before Mon. I am getting my highschool diploma after 14 yrs. I only liked one credit when i quit school. Please help me with this question. (we are out of school this week for the 4th and this was my homework) My main problem with the question is figuring out exactly what "works of literature" actually means. Thank you so much. Norma Huffman

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Hi Norma, most works of literature have a theme or underlying message to them. The author is trying to communicate a central idea. So, in L.O.F, Golding addresses humanity's propensity for evil or the essential sickness in mans' heart. Works of literature can mean any book, usually fiction, out there. Most of the time "works of literature" refers to classics like say "Moby Dick" but really it can mean any author's work. I hope this helps you.