Lord of the Flies

compare jack and ralph as leaders. Why was Ralph elected as a leader? Give 3 examples of differences or similarities.

comparison of Ralph and jack. why do you think ralph was elected as the leader?

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There is a lot to think about here. Ralph initially calls them together via the conch. The boys attach him to an adult with a megaphone. Ralph is all built. Golding notes he has the build of a "Boxer". He also had a "mildness about him that proclaimed no devil." He speaks with the tone of a boy that has no malice. Jack, on the other hand, is described as "ugly without silliness." Jack is not mild and speaks to the boys with autocratic authority. Where Ralph looks for consensus, Jack looks to dominate. Jack loathes this little democratic exercise in voting for chief and is "mortified" when he doesn't win. Ralph wins y his mild manner, good looks and initial calling of the boys.