Lord of the Flies

Chapters 9-12

Q1: Why is it ironic the boys kill simon? What do their actions suggest about their state of mind on the island?

Q2: How do ralph, piggy, and samneric attempt to distance themselves from Simons killers? Do you feel the four are as guilty as the others? Explain.

Q3: How has Ralphs leadership and authority changed since the beginning of the story?

Q4: What happens to piggys gladdes? How is Ralphs vision, as well as piggys, now limited?

Q5: What do Ralph and piggy hope to accomplish by confronting jack? Why does their plan fail?

Q6: How do samnerix continue to show loyalty to rap even after being captured by Jacks savages?

Q7: How do the savages plan to catch Ralph? What is ironic about the outcome of their plan?

Q8: Why does ralp weep at the end of the story even after he is rescued? Do you think the story had a happy ending? Why or why not?

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When Simon approaches the beach he intends to tell the boys that the beast is simply a parachutist. Ironically, in their fervor, Simon is mistaken for the beast and killed.

Please list your questions separately.


Lord of the Flies

He goes to tell the boys that the beast isn't real , but he ends up being labeled as the beast and is savagely killed.


Lord of the flies book.

How is Ralphs vision, as well as piggys, now limited?