Lord of the Flies

Chapter 9

In chapter 9, why do Ralph and Piggy decide to go to Jack's party?


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Ralph and Piggy initially go in search of the others to make sure some sort of ordered in adhered to, and that things don't get crazy again. Once there, Jack orders member of his tribe to make the boys a plate, so they can join in the feast. For a moment, they feel as if they're a part of the group.

"P’raps we ought to go too."

Ralph looked at him quickly and Piggy blushed.

"I mean—to make sure nothing happens."


Immediately, Ralph andthe crowd of boys were united and relieved by a storm of laughter. Piggy once more was the center of social derision so that everyone felt cheerful and normal.

Jack stood up and waved his spear.

"Take them some meat."

The boys with the spit gave Ralph and Piggy each a succulent chunk.

They took the gift, dribbling. So they stood and ate beneath a sky of

thunderous brass that rang with the storm-coming.


Lord of the Flies