Lord of the Flies

Chapter 5 Quotation Analysis Help

"I know people. I know about me. And him." (101) Piggy says this to Ralph when explaining why Jack hates him.

I need to analyze this quotation. Find the bigger meaning to it, and write a thesis. Any suggestions?

So far I've thought that by people, Piggy means general society. And since he represents morality and civilized living, he means he knows about that. And then Jack represents anarchy, and since Jack is the opposite of Piggy (think about it, in almost every way) Piggy would know about him, too.

He also previously mentioned something about "if you're scared of someone, you can't stop thinking about them. You kid yourself he's alright, and then you see him and it's like asthma and you can't breathe."

So maybe Piggy is scared of Jack. Which is why he spends a lot of time thinking about him, and that's why he claims to "know" him.

I don't know. Thought?

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I agree with the points you have made so far. However, Piggy also knows that the sort of person he is - a victim - is always preyed upon gby the sort of person Jack is - an alpha male. Piggy is aware that the natural order of things will put him at the bottom of the pile. He is physically weak, restricted by his eyesight, breathing issues and weight. In a situation of survival of the fittest, Piggy knows only too well that the situation does not look favourable for him. He is even emotionally demeaned: by being given the nickname of an animal he has been dehumanised even by Ralph who he tries to make an alliance with.


'Lord of the Flies' - William Golding