Lord of the Flies

Chapter 12 Questions

1. Where is Ralph?

2. What does he look like?

3. What does Ralph feel has happened to the boys?

4. Why does Ralph figure he's an outcast?

5. How is Jack's tribe trying to get rid of Ralph?

These are found at the beginning and toward the middle of the chapter...

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1) Ralph is hiding in the jungle.

2) He is covered with cuts and scratches from the trees.

3) Samneric? He believes them to have become savages like all the rest of the boys.

4) Ralph is viewed by the tribe the same as a pig--a thing to be hunted. The twins warn him that Roger had "sharpened a stick at both ends," implying that Ralph's head would also sit upon a stake as an offering to the beast.

5) They hunt him; they chase him; they search for him; they stab at him with spears; they set the forest on fire to smoke him out.