Lord of the Flies

about piggy

mention his dialouges to show his characteristics

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Piggy sticks out from the beginning of the story. His physical appearance gives credence to the way he acts. Piggy is a "mother's boy" or in this case an "auntie’s boy". He displays his weakness of sweets, "I used to have ever so much candy". He also points out his physical weakness of asthma as if it were some sort of badge of recognition. Piggy avoided physical work "on account of my asthma". Piggy does change during the novel. By the endof the novel, Piggy has nothing to lose. He says that he will face Jack and ask for his glasses back "not to be a sport" but "because right is right". This is the heroic Piggy. He is a boy who has had enough; he is a boy making a last stand for civilization.