Lord of the Flies

a new chief

How would the island have been different if Jack had been chief from the beginning...or Piggy...or Simon?

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Jack would have thought nothing of rescure, or shelters, or decency to the littluns. He'd have hunted all the time. The Beast would have taken over much more quickly. They probably never would have been rescued.

Piggy would be very sensible, but he lacks the ability to make people listen and obey. He would want more order than the other boys, and they would rebel more quickly than they do with Ralph.

Simon cannot lead. He is in a world of his own. He sees the truth, but like any other prophet, no one will believe him. He would lose his position almost immediately.

Jack would have been much more savage. There would be really no order. All he would try to do is hunt and not even think about civilization.

Piggy would be very quite and under spoken. He wouldnt really be able to get the peoples attention because hes not very out spoken. All he would want is for the boys to have more order and no one would really listen.

Simon wouldnt be a very good leader at all. That is because he all by himself in a way. He is the one always on his own and in his own little world. Nobody would listen to him so he wouldnt be any help.

Actually, when Jack is chief later, he is more effective than Ralph because he CAN keep order--through punishment. Golding is showing us that people NEED punishment in order to control their beast. Jack's motives are not the best, but his methods work well. The boys obey him, though out of fear rather than loyalty.