Lord of the Flies

1)Who blows the conch for the assembly? Why?2) How do the rest of the boys react to Jack's suggestion that Ralph be replaced as leader? Why? How does Jack respond?3) Where does Simon go? How does this tie into the hunt of Jack and his hunters?

QUESTIONS CONTINUED: 4)How does the ensuing hunt differ from the previous ones? Why? What do the boys metaphorically do to the sow?5)What did the hunters do with the head of their kill? Why?6)What do they use to mount the head?7)Why is it called the "Lord of the Flies"?

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1) Jack blows the conch shell.

2) The boys refuse to replace Ralph as leader.

3) Jack responds by storming away and saying that he's leaving.

4) Simon says they should go back to the mountain and look for the beast. The others react by NOT going. They are afraid.

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Lord of the Flies

Ralph blows the shell the first time and he desperately holds on to it as his symbol of his leadership.