Lord of the Flies

1)Who blows the conch for the assembly? Why? 2) How do the rest of the boys react to Jack's suggestion that Ralph be replaced as leader? Why? How does Jack respond? 3) Where does Simon go? How does this tie into the hunt of Jack and his hunters?

QUESTIONS CONTINUED: 4)How does the ensuing hunt differ from the previous ones? Why? What do the boys metaphorically do to the sow? 5)What did the hunters do with the head of their kill? Why? 6)What do they use to mount the head? 7)Why is it called the "Lord of the Flies"?
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4) The hunt differs because the boys have a bit of success. Jack is wounded and proud, Ralph is carried away with the hunt after he nicks the sow's snout. The boys begin to chant, and they also become aggressive with each other (Robert is taunted and poked in jest and with dangerous intent). Roger and Jack talk about the chanting, and Jack says that someone should dress up as a pig and pretend to knock him over. When Robert says that Jack should get a real pig that he can actually kill, Jack replies that they could just use a littlun. The boys, enamored by Jack's bold statement, laugh and cheer him on. Ralph tries to remind the boys that they were only playing a game. He is concerned about the increasingly violent, impulsive behavior of the hunters.

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