Lord of the Flies

1. While they build the fire, what happens to most of the boys? 2. What does Jack's new tribe do after they brutally kill a pig? 3. Who discovers the "Lord of the Flies" and what happens?

This is for my english assignment, its questions for chapter 8 of Lord of the Flies. Please help!

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1) Most of the boys go missing. Some follow Jack, and the rest head off to play.

2) Jack kills a large sow by forcing his spear up her anus. Jack rubs the blood over Maurice's cheeks while Roger laughs about how the fatal blow against the sow was delivered up her ass. They cut off the pig's head and leave it on a stick as a gift for the beast at the mountaintop. When they place the offering upright, blood drips down the sow's teeth, and they run away. 

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