Lord Byron's Poems

How does Byron presents.the speakers feelings in 'When we two parted'

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The second stanza illustrates the speaker's sense of loss when he awakes with the morning dew “chill on my brow” (line 10). He believes this chill to have been a “warning / Of what I feel now” (lines 11-12). His beloved has broken all vows (line 13), and the sound of the beloved’s name brings shame to both lover and beloved. (lines 15-16).

In 'when we two parted' by Lord Byron establishes his own intense feelings for his lover. As readers, we could tell this from 1st line in 1st stanza where he directly addresses himself and his lover by saying ''when we two parted'' which highlights the title of this poem. The use of ''we'' makes the poem very personal,and gives us an impression about this poem.This could also imply his parting with his lover which forshadows and contrasts with the stanza 3,''they'' hints at a bond between the narrator and his lover which keeps them away from each other.Furthermore, the use of metaphor ''knell in mine ear'' illustrates that his lover name sounds like a death for him which,constantly,reminds him about their relationship.Contextually,he has written this poem to his lover Francis webster who was a married woman,to save her reputation,he broke up with her. Later when he found she had an affair with one of his friend,and he feels it was like a ''share in its shame'' due to the fact that he hears ''thy name spoken'' which is painful for him to tolerate.