Long Day's Journey Into Night

o neil's "long day journey into night"is a modern tragedy. comment.

pls detailed answer is required

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Long Days Journey into Night is the tragedy of Tyrone family in particular and modern family in general. It is in fact a tragedy of cosmic dimensions that concerns everyone irrespective of the race and nationality. The play is pervaded by the dark , brooding atmosphere of tragedy and a vague terror underlies it. the characters are caught in the web of misery and are made to feel the futility of existence. Most of the miseries are caused by Tyrones selection of cheap things for his family members. he prefers money to his family as he took his wife Mary to a cheap doctor during the birth of Edmund who gave her morphine as pain killer and eventually she becomes addict of morphine. In the same way, when Edmund got cold, his father took him to a cheap doctor and he becomes a victim of Tuberculosis because he was not given proper treatment during his cold. But the most dominant cause of their Tragedy was the lack o understanding between them. They always blame each other but not accepting their responsibilities, which ultimately becomes the cause of their catastrophe.