What's the main point of this book?

I still don't understand how can this book can be classic also I can't decide if Humbert is a pervert or a passionate lover.

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Humbert is a pervert disguised as a passionate lover. He is not the stereotypical pervert most people would associate him with. He frequently romanticizes the idea of falling in love with a pre-pubescent girl, using his high status and education to persuade the reader to sympathize with him. He manipulates language to make disgusting acts sound beautiful, and constantly claims that he cannot be at fault for something he cannot control. This is the trap most readers fall in to. They begin to fall in love with his descriptions of his love and passion for Lolita, and must constantly remind themselves that he is sexually abusing a young girl and refuses to acknowledge his wrongdoings. That is why this book is such a classic, as it is both psychological and disgusting, and forces the reader to empathize with a pedophile.