Little Women

why did Marmee take Amy out of school???

The Little women

Chapter 7 Amy's Valley of Humiliation

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Amy brings a large quantity of pickled limes to school. Apperently it was a popular treat among the girls at school and Amy would finally score some points with the other girls. Miss Snow, Amy's rival, iforms the teacher of Amy's contraband. The teacher throws out the pickles and Amy gets whacked on her hand. When Amy tells Marmee what happened she decides that Amy can take a hiatus from school and study at home.

Mrs. March took Amy out of school because of the rapping she received from her teacher with a ruler. She had been found with a large bag of pickled limes in her desk, which had been recently banned by her teacher Mr. Davis. Mrs. March does not believe in punishing her children physically and thought that Amy’s punishment was very unnecessary, so she was immediately withdrawn from the school.