Little Women

Name five details about Meg’s house and wedding that seem appropriate to her personality and economic situation.

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The house and the wedding were both humble and full of love. Here is a quote from Chapter 24 that should help. Just keep in mind that everything is simple, warm, intimate and genuine. These all reflect the personalities of the two young lovers,

"That was the name of the little brown house ('Dovecote'.)Mr. Brooke had prepared for Meg's first home. Laurie had christened it, saying it was highly appropriate to the gentle lovers who 'went on together like a pair of turtledoves, with first a bill and then a coo'. It was a tiny house, with a little garden behind and a lawn about as big as a pocket handkerchief in the front. Here Meg meant to have a fountain, shrubbery, and a profusion of lovely flowers, though just at present the fountain was represented by a weather-beaten urn, very like a dilapidated slopbowl, the shrubbery consisted of several young larches, undecided whether to live or die, and the profusion of flowers was merely hinted by regiments of sticks to show where seeds were planted. But inside, it was altogether charming, and the happy bride saw no fault from garret to cellar."