Little Women

main characters

who are the main characters?

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Margaret is the oldest of the March sisters. In Book I, she hopes to conquer her vanity and do her work cheerfully. In Book II, she marries John Brooke and has twins, Daisy and Demi.


Josephine is the second oldest March sister. She is a writer and a tomboy. Jo is modeled after Louisa May Alcott herself. She famously cuts and sells her hair to help her sick father. Though best friends with Laurie, she eventually marries Professor Bhaer and opens a school for boys.


Elizabeth is the third eldest sister. She is a quiet, selfless, shy girl, who only wishes to be at home with her family. She loves music and plays the piano. In Book I, Beth gets scarlet fever, and recovers, though in Book II she dies.

Also the name of Laurie and Amy’s daughter.


The youngest, Amy is the pet of the family. She loves art and is quite vain, but learns to be elegant, kind, and generous. Always planning to marry rich, she considers but rejects Fred Vaughn and marries Laurie.


The girls’ name for Margaret March, mother of Meg, Jo, Beth, and Amy.



Theodore Lawrence, called Laurie by most or Teddy by Jo, is Mr. Laurence’s nephew. He becomes a close friend and brother to the girls, particularly Jo. Without parents, he is largely influenced by the morals of the girls and their mother. After pining after Jo, but being refused, Laurie marries Amy.


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