Little Women

Does Jo like her Job in Little Women ?

In Little women does jo like her job ?? HELP

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Jo has a few of jobs. She is a "companion" for Aunt March. This meant she would keep her old aunt company. This was common job for girls lie Jo in the 19th century. Unfortunately Aunt March is a nasty lady. Her favourite saying is "I told you so". So no, Joe does not enjoy working for Aunt March. Jo eventually loses her job as Aunt March's companion to Amy, but goes on to work as a governess to the children of a family friend at a boarding house in New York. She like that better. It gives her a chance to see the world outside of New England. Eventually she lands a job contributing to a tabloid-type paper, The Weekly Volcano. This is right up her ally except for the fact that many of the stories are untrue. This lack of integrity in journalism bothers Joe.