Like Water for Chocolate

Like water for chocolate

How is the kings day bread symbolic of tita childhood

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The memory that introduces this chapter is one of few that are not directly inspired by food. As Kings’ day approaches, Tita becomes nostalgic for her childhood. She misses her maternal figure Nacha and the times when she and her two sisters interacted peacefully with each other. In remembering Tita even describes a more sympathetic version of Mama Elena. Though she did not get Tita exactly what she wanted, Mama Elena still treated Tita with a gift. Tita’s perception of the future seems rosy compared to her present predicament: she believes she might be pregnant with Pedro’s baby.

Tita’s reminiscence on family during the holidays and the joy they shared foreshadows the chapter’s later events. Kings’ Day becomes, in part, a time for restoring and recuperating relationships that had suffered in Tita’s adult life. The recovery begins with Tita’s relationship with Rosaura.