Like Water for Chocolate

How do we see titas power for nourishment in this chapter?

Like water for chocolate , chapter four.

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Tita participates in a performance of motherhood that frequently characterizes those who behave as mothers without having any biological relation to the children they serve. However, Tita’s relation extends even further than a symbolic motherhood. Miraculously, she is also able to nurse the child. This act further strengthens the maternal bond she has with Roberto as well as the romantic bond she has with Pedro.

Again, Tita’s emotions are transferred through food and nourishment. Roberto receives Tita’s love through her breast milk. The guests at Roberto’s baptism receive Tita’s joy through her Turkey mole. Finally, Pedro witnessing Tita both preparing the Turkey mole and feeding his own son falls further in love with the woman he would have liked to have as his wife.