Life of Pi

What is the difference between atheists and agnostics? Why does Pi feel atheists have a faith? Why does he dislike agnostics?

Chapter 7

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Pi here, in a short chapter, elucidates his opinion on atheists and agnostics. He sees atheists as capable of belief in God, for they have always had faith, just faith in science, rather than in God-which Pi believes is not inherently incompatible. On the other hand, the agnostic's doubt is to him an active choice not to believe, not to have the 'better story.'

Every so often in debates like this, you start to wonder if it's just you. If maybe your oponent only *seems* stupid to you because you're bias.

Then you see a Theist completely misrepresent a 3rd group and you think "Nope, it's them. It's definitely them. He's being a stupid dick to agnostics as well."

Pi, you're way off on both groups. Also, you are a dick.

As for the ORIGINAL question;

We actually overlap. If you ask Atheists where we would put ourselves on the Dawkins scale, each one of us will give you a different number. Mostly fractions. Some of us will even complain that the Dawkins scale isn't nuanced enough.