Life of Pi

what is the conflict with illusion and reality?

Using the idea that Pi's father believes Animalus Anthropomorphism is the most dangerous animal of all , how does that cause a conflict between reality and illusion. Only in 1 written paragraph with evidence and analysis up to chapter 20

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I'm not exactly sure what you are asking here but I can give you a general response. The relativity of truth is not highlighted as a major theme in Life of Pi until the last part of the novel, when Pi retells the entire story to make it more plausible to the officials who are questioning him. He then asks the officials which story they liked better, since neither can be proven and neither affects the information they are searching for—how the ship sunk. This question implies that truth is not absolute; the officials can choose to believe whichever story they prefer, and that version becomes truth. Pi argues to the Japanese officials that there is invention in all “truths” and “facts,” because everyone is observing everything from their own perspective. There is no absolute truth.