Life of Pi

What does "Animalus anthropomorphicus" mean? And why is it so dangerous?

Chapter 8

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This means “the animal as seen through human eyes.” That is the human lens that we see animals in. Through this bias, we view them as "good", "bad", "friendly", "cute"....

This means the animal as seen through human eye.


Animalus Anthropomorphicus: a word the author [of Life of Pi] made up to sound like a zoological term, basing it on the word "anthropomorphic". In an anthropomorphic approach to animals, one judges animals by human standards, so a furry rabbit may enchant us, while a large rat is most likely to disgust us. Yet both animals are simply being what they are.


Taken from Life of Pi: Novel and Study Notes [Oxford]

is that means the synonymity between the qualities of human and animal?