Life of Pi

Notes on Confict?

Notes on the conflict; is it internal or external, and more specifically what are the two opposing forces? (Individual vs. society/ individual vs. individual/ individual vs. nature etc.) The outline of the plot by briefly identifying when the conflict is introduced (complicating incident0, how it plays out on the story, and the resolution.

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Well Pi's initial conflict is internal. He was fishing for meaning through religion eventually following any mentor, from various faiths, that might take him. After the boat incident, Pi must face the external conflicts of floating around in a life boat with a tiger and other would be dangerous animals. Martel, however, turns these seemingly external conflicts into internal conflicts for the young Pi. Pi questions everything from his faith to the meaning of life using these animals and his solitude as vehicles. Of course we end up questioning what the tiger or say the Orange Juice the orangutan represent in pi's own psyche.