Life of Pi

My personal questions about life of pie (BOOK)

Why is the narrator skeptical of a story that will make him believe in God?

Who is Richard Parker and what did he do to offened the narrator?



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The author/narrator, who never seems too skeptical, becomes a full-fledged believer. Mr. Okamoto and Mr. Chiba, who at first have little faith in Pi’s tale, at the end accept it, and by extension, God. In the first section, however, the reader knows none of this, nor has any idea how the story to come will instill faith. Yet by presenting this as an option, and by focusing on the themes of storytelling and the connections between science and religion, the book's opening paves the way for the final leap of faith that the novel will ask of the reader.

Richard Parker is a three-year-old Bengal tiger who is Pi’s only companion at sea. He was captured as a cub with his mother, and ended up in the Pondicherry Zoo before it, and he, were sold.

Pi is offended that Richard Parker leaves him without saying goodbye.