Life of Pi

Life of Pi, Questions 1-10

1. What is one of Pi’s favorite methods of escape? Why do you think he enjoys it, and how do you feel about this method?

2. Why does Pi no longer feel that he can take care of Richard Parker? Why does Richard Parker’s death sadden him more than his own?

3. Discuss Pi’s initial feelings about the voice he hears. What does Pi discuss with the voice, and to whom does Pi think the voice belongs? What happens when Pi meets the owner of the voice?

4. Why do you think Pi feels no joy being rescued from the murderous Frenchman?

5. What “exceptional botanical discovery” does Pi make, and how does he initially react to this discovery? How does this discovery improve Pi’s life?

6. What happens on the island at night, and why does Pi decide to leave? Would you have stayed on the island? Why or why not?

7. How does Pi prepare for his departure, and why does he take Richard Parker, a dangerous animal, with him?

8. Which threat to you think is most frightening, the island or the Frenchman? Why?

9. Where does Pi eventually land, and why does he cry when he arrives?

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1. From the text,

One of my favorite methods of escape was what amounts to gentle asphyxiation. I used a piece of cloth that I cut from the remnants of a blanket. I called it my dream rag. I wet it with sea water so that it was soaked but not dripping. [...]. I would fall into a daze, not difficult for someone in such an advanced state of lethargy to begin with. But the dream rag gave a special quality to my daze. It must have been the way it restricted my air intake. I would be visited by the most extraordinary dreams, trances, visions, thoughts, sensations, remembrances. And time would be gobbled up.

I suppose this gave him a sort of transcendental high. Personally I would not be interested in trying this.

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