Life of Pi

life of pi

the theme of religion dominates the theme of science represented in the novel? and how can science prove the existence of God and at the same time, how can religion disprove science?

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This is a really good question but beyond the scope of this short answer forum. There are books written on this.

The beliefs in a particular type of religion can often be more powerful than any belief in science. For example, religion can say that man has been given "free will" from God and can, as he works, create many scientific beliefs that may contrast with the Bible. Some would say that his shows that science disproves religion; however, what they may be saying is that science is proving the "literal" words of the Bible. Since the Bible is not the only religious book available in the world, this would not be a belief that everyone would support. On the other hand, "literalists" who believe that every word of the Bible is exactly so would show that science (such as the theory of evolution) could not be right.