Life of Pi

Life of pi

Discuss Pi’s initial feelings about the voice he hears. What does Pi discuss with the voice, and to whom does Pi think the voice belongs? What happens when Pi meets the owner of the voice?

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As Pi lays down and prepares for death, he hears a voice. He is sure it must be a hallucination, but he enters into conversation with it all the same. He and the voice discuss what they would eat if they could have anything, and Pi realizes that he is talking to Richard Parker.

He drifts out of consciousness, then hears a voice again, and returns to conversation. He realizes now that the voice is that of another man, a Frenchman, also blind, also in a lifeboat rowing beside him, also starving. Pi and the Frenchman manage to draw up next to each other, and the stranger climbs into Pi’s boat. He immediately dives on Pi and tries to kill him, with the intention of eating him, but the Frenchman is attacked and killed by Richard Parker.