Life of Pi

From Chapters 1-36: What is Pi searching for? Has he found it?

From Chapters 1-36: What is Pi searching for? Has he found it?

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Pi searches for God and finds him in a multitude of places and religions. Thus, yes, he found what he was looking for.

Could you elaborate some?

In Part 1, Chapters 12-28, Pi tells the story of how he became Hindu, Christian, and Muslim, and it becomes clear to the reader that God is central to Pi, and was even in his early years. That this kind of piousness is unique becomes equally evident when we see the three holy men in Pi’s life fight with each other over whose religion is best. Even the men who have helped Pi to find God in so many different ways become divisive over details.

This section also illuminates Pi’s devotion to his religions, for we see him up against many obstacles. The holy men themselves do not want to share him with other religions, his parents would prefer he were as secular as they were, and his brother mocks him. Even the religious communities see him differently once they know that he is not solely devoted to any one of their respective creeds. Yet none of this dims Pi’s dedication to his three religions, and to God.