Life of Pi

anthropomorphism is the giving of human traits to animals. find examples of this related to the sloth. what does this tell us about how pi feels about animals

slots live a peascful life in their environmnet, and ahve a smile like himans

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The sloth reminds Pi of God. They spend the day and night either asleep or in introspective meditation. Pi regarded them as, "upside-down yogis deep in meditation or hermits deep in prayer, wise beings." They are calm and quiet. In them they soothe Pi's "shattered self". Pi finds that there is yet hope for him. Despite being slow and pretty much helpless to predators, they still remain. Pi does anthropomorphize his animals in so far as to shed light on the human condition. Through animals, he sees both human majesty and folly. Pi sees God's infinite love and objective cruelty in animals. All these traits help us accept and relate to the animals stranded on his raft.