Life is Beautiful

How is silence used in the film "life is beautiful" to show both bravery and cowardice?

Using Blooms Taxonomy higher level of skills thinking Analyze and Evaluate the film.

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Silence marks both bravery and cowardice in the film. Uncle Eliseo illustrates the concept of silence as bravery: when confronted with unusual hostility, he reacts stoically. The first time he appears in the film, he has just been accosted by anti-Semitic "barbarians." When asked why he did not cry out, he explains that "sometimes silence is the best weapon." He goes about his daily life, barely acknowledging that he has just been attacked, instead focusing his attention on helping his nephew Guido settle in to his new accommodations. He views the impending dangers of fascism as a series of trials, and he tries to bear these burdens with grace.

Doctor Lessing is also silent about the treatment of the Jews, but this silence is less noble. As a ranking officer, he has considerable power in the Fascist party. His words bear weight, and his silence allows the Fascists to continue their actions without opposition. His refusal to help Guido condemns him. While he does not actually kill anyone, his inaction contributes to the evils already taking place. His silence is cowardly, and his decision not to oppose the Fascist party and their treatment of the Jews (among them his own friend Guido) amounts to implicit consent.