Letter From Birmingham Jail

Letter from Birmingham Jail

Hey, thanks for the help before! Sorry I need help with one more question; King uses both induction and deduction in his letter. Find an example of each and explain how they function in his argument. 

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King's clearest use of inductive reasoning comes when he speaks of his own experience in oppression under segregation. King's argument notes that although white men tell black men to “wait” to seek justice, they wouldn't be able to do as they advise if their circumstances were reversed. If they spent one day as a black man, they wouldn't be able to endure the wait either.

King uses deductive reasoning to refutes the idea that he is a hypocrite. People accused King of supporting some laws while breaking others. Examples; Supreme Court integration of schools (supporter) and segregation laws (breaking of laws). His reasoning came from his belief in what was just and injust.