Letter From Birmingham Jail

How is this letter similar and dissimilar to Transcendentalism?

what are the similarities and differences between this letter and Transcendentalism.

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Transcendentalism From Letter from Birmingham Jail - Martin Luther King, Jr.  

1.       Paradox: Two opposite statements that join together to reveal a truth. 

Main Idea: Violence will not succeed and will not make everything okay. Conflict will eventually break out again.       Main Idea for Letter from Birmingham Jail – MLK Jr.

Topic: Unjust laws / MLK Jr.

Detail #1: people are hesitant to break laws      

Detail #2: there are two types of laws: just/unjust

Detail #3: unjust laws are made by majority; minority don’t have right to vote à not democratic   MLK was arrested for parading without a permit à they were preserving segregation   People should break unjust laws peacefully and be willing to accept the penalty   Paying respect to law to stay in jail for a moral cause

Main Idea: It is perfectly acceptable to break laws that are not just because the person is only looking out for the good of society.