Let the Circle be Unbroken

What problem is papa having with those who are trying to take his land

It's in either chapter 4 or 5

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During the following winter students come

to the Logan house to get help from Mama with their

schoolwork. In mid-March, school will end and the

children will go to work in the cotton fields. The

county extension agent stops by the house to explain

that Papa can’t cash the check he received for his cotton

because it is made out to Mr. Granger, a local plantation

owner. This signals the nature of Papa’s conflict

with those who are trying to take his land. Claiming he

has the first mortgage on the crop, Granger offers to

pay Papa’s taxes. Papa refuses, realizing that the offer is

a trick aimed at getting Granger’s name on the tax

record so that he can claim the land. A larger conflict

emerges—between those who own land and those who

sharecrop. It’s the Great Depression and cotton prices

are low. Meanwhile, the government is limiting the

amount of cotton that can be grown—assuming that if

cotton is scarce, prices will rise. As a result, landowners

rather than sharecroppers are getting the money.