Let the Circle be Unbroken


In what ways is T.J Avery's conviction for murder of Jim Lee Barnett similar to mrs. lee Annie Lee's falure of her vote registration test? What does these incidents suggests about the time and place in which this novel is set ?

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Stacey's close friend T.J Avery is put on trial for murder and is in jail. He is tried before an all white jury, convicted, and sentenced to death.

Mrs. Lee's case isn't similar to me........... yes, she tries to register to vote; no, they don't let her, and yes, she's thrown out of her home because she's black. Both situations are similar in regards to race, but I wouldn't consider them at all similar outside of that. There is of course the possibility that at Mrs. Lee's age losing her home would have been like a death sentence. I know many older people who would feel that way.


Let the Circle be Unbroken