Let the Circle be Unbroken

Cassie, question.

How does cassie change ove rth course of LetThe Circle Be Unbroken? Cite specific examples from the etxt to illutrate the changes you describe.

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The biggest change in Cassie over the course of the novel comes with the knowledge she gains throughout. As the story's narrator we feel these changes through the way she sees things, the way she describes the action. The following quotes will help you to understand how she moves from seeing through the eyes of a child to a new view of reality;

"They were day laborers, who picked cotton for wages, and day laborers were the least paid and the worst treated of the farming community. For them life was even harder than it was for the rest of us."

"'That water in there and them toilets, they belong to the white folks, and the white folks don't want no colored folks using neither one."'

"...cotton sustained life, and no matter how greatly learning was respected, the cotton had to be planted, chopped, weeded and picked if the family was to survive. Few parents expected their children to do any work other than what they and their parents had done, and education was usually sacrificed if a choice had to be made between it and the fields."


Let the Circle be Unbroken