Les Miserables


The students in LES Miserables believe that there are things worth fighting for. Do you agree with them and? Why?

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There are always things worth fighting for, but those fights do not always require violence. These students take to the streets, just as many young people have taken to the streets throughout history to make their voices heard. Unfortunately, even peaceful demonstrations see the loss of life. Fortunately, it is those people willing to give their lives that are responsible for the drastic changes, which take place in our world. The students in Les Miserable were extremists, and their tactics were not always above board. They were reckless with their own lives, and the lives of others. Marius is one of these extremists....... his choices are rash and often uneducated. To fight for what you believe in, means you KNOW what you believe in. Only then can you make a true difference.