Leaves of Grass

this verse i did not understand it

WHAT DOES WALT MAN MEAN BY (i loafe and invite my soul;i leanand loafe at my ease observing a spear of summer grass

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This is the opening chapter to Walt Whitman's masterpiece, Song of Myself. He accepts all of life, the sensual and the sublime, the hellish and the heavenly as exhuberant expressions of the Divine. And he recognizes the Divine is not separate from himself.

This opening chapter proclaims his famous line, "I loaf and invite my soul." This perfectly reflects Whitman's sensibilities: on the one hand, it suggests a languorous sensuality while, on the other hand, his "loafing" can be understood as spiritual rest, the stillness that genuinely invites the sacred experience. He continuously writes on the two levels, the tactile and the transcendent.

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