Le Morte d'Arthur

describe the regin of king uther following arthurs birth


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The years directly after Arthur's death were peaceful and rewarding. Two years after Arthur's birth, Uther grew ill. His enemies from the North made war against him, planning to usurp his throne. A great battled raged, during which many of Uther’ s men were killed. At St. Albans, Uther directly confronted the enemy armies, killing many and sending the rest into a retreat.

He then returned to London to celebrate his victory, but he quickly fell ill again. On the day of his death, Merlin and all of the barons gathered. Merlin asked Uther if Arthur, his son, should become King of all England after his death. Within the hearing of the gathered barons, Uther insisted that Arthur had his blessing and should claim the crown for his own. He then died.