Le Morte d'Arthur

4 questions

1) What characteristics do Arthur and Uther share in common and how do these relate to the

familiar theme of the “sins of the father bestowed upon the son”? (Use a quote)

2) How do the elements of the supernatural function in this story? Consider the sword in the stone

and its symbolism, the Grail, Morgan le Fay, Merlin, the Lady of the Lake, and the dragon. (Use

at least two quotes)

3) How does romance figure into the plot? How is the medieval courtly romance different from the

Anglo Saxon epic heroic tale? Consider the love triangle between Guenever, Launcelot, and

Arthur. (Use a quote)

4) What is the relationship between Arthur and Merlin? Does Merlin help or hinder Arthur to

uphold the chivalric code or ideal? What is to blame for the tragedy? (Use two


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