Langston Hughes: Poems

scanning a poem refers to

A.skimming it quickly to identify the main idea

B.identifying the specific stressed and unstressed syllables

C.abondoning the metric rules

D.identifying the rhyme scheme

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Actually I think B is the stronger one but A could work too. I'd go with B though.


although this means to identify the rythym- I really don't like your teacher's way of writing choices

To scan poetry is has nothing to with skimming it. It means to identify the rhythm; in English poetry we see this in the alteration of stressed and unstressed syllables.So I'll go with B too.

Your question is worded strangely but for what it's worth,

How to Scan a Poem,

If you need to indicate the stressed and unstressed syllables in a poem, you don't need to have a naturally musical ear. By going through a basic process step-by-step, you can probably scan a poem with relative certainty.